Behold BNS Logistics - the number one choice for all local and international required logistics services ranging for air freight services, ocean freight, ground freight, cool chain, customs brokerage and customized BXF (BNS Express). At BNS, we don’t just provide services - we provide trust, reliability and a stress-free experience along with the guarantee of delivering goods in their best conditions and within the most optimal time duration. Moreover, we are the best logistics company for distribution, production management and warehousing. Our range of services makes us the ultimate solution for businesses worldwide.
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BNS offers a range of services that are exceptionally tailored for individual and collective business needs. Our line of freight forwarding includes air, ground and ocean. We also utilize commercial airlines, charter operations and integrated carriers to provide fast transit at cost effective prices while achieving global coverage. Ocean freight transportation service is also provided which is considered ideal for FCL and LCL shipments. BNS ground logistics include comprehensive supply chain management for businesses in Pakistan. Furthermore, we run management services on customs brokerage, international transport, inventory management and warehousing for businesses.


Providing unparalleled transport and logistics solutions since 1974, BNS has become a market leader in logistics management. Our wealth of experience and expertise enables us to empower businesses around the globe to surpass their current limitations by delivering products by any means necessary, with the utmost speed and efficiency to any nook and corner of the world. BNS company dares to take the road less travelled by other companies, paving new paths to success by providing with an array of services and solutions at the best prices possible. BNS company is well equipped to handle items requiring cold storage. Our team of highly skilled professionals is well versed in food safety which is transparent in how we handle and orchestrate the supply chain. Our Cool Chain assures all goods reach in optimum condition in minimum time. BNS also offers Customs Brokerage which allows our team of experts to minimize customs delays and provide product classification, documentation procedures, precise entry fillings, trade consultation and duty drawbacks. One of a kind services, BXF (BNS Express), is highly effective in providing businesses with a modified experience that is designed specifically to appeal to their sense of satisfaction. It is also ideal for businesses that require flexibility in transit of sensitive or valuable goods.


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Few companies can boast on quality of services or their long-term proficiency and longevity in such an industry - BNS has both! Reliable hassle-free services paired with years of expertise ensures our credibility as a provider of excellence. Our ‘can do’ attitude has equipped us to tackle insurmountable obstacles and led us to carve a niche in the market thus resulting in us being operational for the past four decades. So next time, whether it’s door-to-door or port-to-port, know that BNS Logistics is the brand with the masterplan.